Press Release - i2 Opt for UltraSoft

UltraSoft provides i2 Office with the functionality and flexibility to continue expanding

i2 Office’s plan to double in size during the next 12 months has moved into high gear with the introduction of UltraSoftBIS which has enabled it to streamline its inventory and billing systems.

Technology-focussed i2 Office is one of the UK’s most dynamic business centre operators and it opened its third centre in the City of London at beginning of 2012, bringing its centre total to 10 locations.

Philip Grace, i2’s CEO, comments, “Our core ethos is to provide the right space at the right location and as a fast growing organisation with a vastly experienced management team we are on track to meet our aggressive expansion plans. It is therefore essential that our business is supported by a software system that provides the ultimate inventory, billing and management infrastructure – and we believe we have achieved this goal with the implementation of UltraSoftBIS.

 “We’ve only had UltraSoftBIS operational for just over a month, but already we’ve got an invoicing process that is easier to use and is more professional overall. We now have renewed confidence in the accuracy of our billing system and its capability to bill correctly.

“Despite having to completely change our infrastructure to accommodate UltraSoftBIS, it has proven to be 100% reliable and has streamlined our billing system. Raising monthly client invoices used to take days – now even the largest business centre can raise and issue all of its invoices in a single day, which is a tremendous saving in centre management time.

“The functionality of the UltraSoftBIS system is just great. The CRM module provides us with easy monitoring and processing of information and the flexibility of the configuration allows quick and easy access to floor plans, inventory and, most importantly, availability records with just a couple of clicks.

“The ability to extract information on key data is essential to running a business and the accuracy of the output information will help to minimise exposure to the business. We believe that the improved functionality and flexibility that UltraSoftBIS provides to i2 Office will help support our plans to double the size of our business during the next 12 months.”

“We are continuously developing and evolving our products for the benefit of the industry,” adds Harun Biswas, managing director, UltraSoft Technologies. “For example we recently launched our Customer Web Portal, through which centre operators can sell to, and interact with customers and potential customers 24/7.

“This was followed with the launch of our proposal module which allows centre sales teams to generate an instant, fully-detailed electronic or printed client proposal, incorporating fixtures and fittings, pricing, floorplans, images and real-time availability, with just a few clicks. In the time it takes to make the prospective client a cup of coffee, the software can check occupancy levels, space inventory and availability, pricing structures and all current centre client licence periods to ensure that both the centre, and the prospective new client, get the best possible deal.”

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For further information, please contact: Colin Peck in the UltraSoft Technologies press office on 01784 482336 or 07802 606433

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UltraSoft Technologies is the rapidly emerging market leader in the provisions of software solutions for the serviced office industry. It applies the latest technology to simplify complex business processes to produce fully integrated solutions. UltraSoft Technologies was founded in 1998 by Harun Biswas who has been working in the serviced office industry since 1994.

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UltraSoftBIS is a complete management software system solution for the business centre, serviced office and science park industry. Our system automates all aspects of business needs from sales process to product inventory management, license agreement generation, reservation, billing and management reports such as occupancy, availability, forward-booked revenue, renewals, move-ins, move-outs and centre manager's reports.

Adapt UltraSoftBIS to meet your business centre needs, streamline processes, increase efficiency and save time and money. Please contact us for a free online demonstration and let us show you why over 5000 users across 1000 sites around the world, decided to choose UltraSoft.

UltraSoftBIS is software solution from UltraSoft Technologies Ltd.

 About UltraSoft Technologies

UltraSoft Technologies is the market-leading provider of software solutions for the serviced office and managed workspace industry. It applies the latest technology to simplify complex business processes and produce fully integrated software solutions. Its latest version is becoming the de facto solution of choice for business centres replacing their existing systems or starting out. UltraSoft Technologies was founded in 1998 by Harun Biswas, who has been working in the serviced office industry since 1994.