New version of UltraSoft is released

UltraSoft adds new software functionalities to make business centres super- efficient

UltraSoft Technologies Ltd has just made a significant investment to update the current system and launched new functionalities required by the ever changing environment of the business centres and serviced office industry.

Among many functional updates to this new release, the most exciting ones are:

(1) Virtual Office and Club Membership agreement module,
(2) Automated Proposal module and
(3) Automated Centre Specific Lead-Import module.

(1) Virtual Office (VO) and Club Membership (CM) Agreement Module will enable operators to manage VO and CM customers efficiently from enquiry to agreement generation, billing and management reporting stage.

“The Virtual Office addition to our Licence Agreement is a huge improvement to us. Because the function follows the same straightforward format as in Office Licence Agreement, I feel confident that it will be an enormous asset to our daily usage. It is truly convenient, easy to use and very effective,” comments Bernice White, Sales and Marketing Manager at Halcyon.

Ms White continues, “Its implementation happened whilst I was working on my PC, apparently, I had no idea! That you can be working away and something is being constructed simultaneously “behind the scenes” is invaluable. Well done UltraSoft Technologies.”

(2) Automated Proposal module is released as an integral part of UltraSoftCRM and provides simple functionalities to generate multiple proposals from real-time office availability including step deals, IT & Telecom packages and additional services, whilst enforcing the corporate standards. UltraSoft does not stop there, once it is accepted, with just a few clicks, the user can convert the proposal to a legal agreement which feeds into automated billing.

(3) Automated Centre Specific Lead-Import module provides complete automation surrounding lead capturing and processing until it becomes a deal or a lost lead. It automatically processes incoming leads and associates them with the appropriate centre and sales manager leaving no gaps for losing a lead.

Steve Brown, General Manager at I2 Office explains, “The UltraSoft lead-import function now automatically imports our leads to the correct business centre. It is such a time saver and has a catchment area for any leads that can’t be read or incoming non-lead associated emails, allowing a very simple action to process the exceptions. This function makes such a difference to other software’s manual inputting process, speeding up the whole system.”

Mr Brown continues, “Now we have tools to monitor the number of processed leads and this is broken down by centre, giving us data for processed, duplicate and bad leads. It has made such a difference and is truly exceptional; we had no teething problems installing it.”

“UltraSoft thrives on innovation and simplification of business processes. We always place the customers’ requirements first and never hesitate to put in the investment and hard works necessary to achieve our customers’ goal,” comments Harun Biswas, Managing Director, UltraSoft Technologies Ltd.

The new functionality forms an integral part of UltraSoft existing software for business centres and will be provided free of cost to existing customers.

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For further information, please contact: Yasmeen Khan in the UltraSoft Technologies press office on 01784 457929.

About UltraSoft Technologies Ltd
UltraSoft Technologies is the rapidly emerging market leader in the provisions of software solutions for the serviced office industry. It applies the latest technology to simplify complex business processes to produce fully integrated solutions. UltraSoft Technologies was founded in 1998 by Harun Biswas who has been working in the serviced office industry since 1994.

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UltraSoftBIS is a complete management software system solution for the business centre, serviced office and science park industry. Our system automates all aspects of business needs from sales process to product inventory management, license agreement generation, reservation, billing and management reports such as occupancy, availability, forward-booked revenue, renewals, move-ins, move-outs and centre manager's reports.

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UltraSoftBIS is software solution from UltraSoft Technologies Ltd.

 About UltraSoft Technologies

UltraSoft Technologies is the market-leading provider of software solutions for the serviced office and managed workspace industry. It applies the latest technology to simplify complex business processes and produce fully integrated software solutions. Its latest version is becoming the de facto solution of choice for business centres replacing their existing systems or starting out. UltraSoft Technologies was founded in 1998 by Harun Biswas, who has been working in the serviced office industry since 1994.